About Us

My husband Naved and I decided to give up our jobs and move to a farm on the outskirts of Bangalore, in 2010. The glitz and glamor of city life and a high powered job gave way to a search for a simpler way of living: To find a place where happiness is no longer measured in figures and where time is savored like fine wine, not gulped like coke.


Our home “Grassroots” used to be a rocky grassland and in the time we have lived here, we have turned it into a model organic eco-system. With 6 acres water-harvested and 2000 trees thriving, our organic farm now grows fruits and vegetables aplenty. Our two Tibetan Mastiff dogs, a couple of staff families, lots of small animals and birds and some assorted snakes and owls make up the rest of the residents.


Earth Kitchen is our endeavor to provide a taste of country life to those who might enjoy it. As a guest, you will experience what it is like to live in rural India; you will see why an organic, sustainable lifestyle makes more sense; and how humans can co-exist happily with nature, if they restrict their greed and focus on their need. In addition, you will enjoy a leisurely multi-course Mediterranean meal during your visit here; cooked by me using fresh, organic produce from the farm, wherever possible.


Welcome to Earth Kitchen. I hope you like it too.



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