Concept & Cuisine

Why would I serve authentic Mediterranean cuisine in rural Karnataka, you may ask?


Well, for one, there is no way I can serve better South Indian cuisine than what is available at several tiffin rooms in Bangalore!


More importantly, travelling the Middle East and across the Mediterranean exposed me to a whole new experience of food and culture. Simple flavours, fresh produce and aromatic infusions are the basis of food in this ancient region.


From Morocco to Egypt on its South, Spain to Greece in the North and across Turkey, Jordan & Syria in the East, I have had some of my best meals in the quaintest of villages across this region bordering the Mediterranean sea. Earth Kitchen in essence captures these memories and flavours: Sharing my trails and taste-bud adventures is Earth Kitchen’s purpose.


Because of my love for cuisine from the Mediterranean, I grow many herbs and vegetables that one would more likely find in Italy, Spain, Tunisia or Jordan, than in India.


So why not offer my visitors a taste of something unique and different, food you would not find easily in Bangalore and which I enjoy cooking? The dishes at our tables have originated in Arabia, North Africa and Southern Europe, so you are as likely to find pizzas being served one day, and Tajines the other.


Bookings are open for weekend reservations. Please call me if you need personalisation and bookings for weekdays or any other requests. Look out for special events and celebrations!